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Shibutani Subaru ♥ Yasuda Shota
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&. Welcome
This is a community that supports the pairing of Shibutani Subaru and Yasuda Shota, from the JE band Kanjani8.
&. Rules
01. NO FLAMING on other community members, Kanjani8 members, NewS members (or any other johnnys. period.)
02. If you're going to post large pictures, fanfics, graphics, etc., please do it behind a lj cut :3
03. If you make a fake cut, say so. We won't bite you~~ :3
04. If you want you can make an introductory post so we will get to know each other better. ♥
05. You can post everything you want related to Subassan! (or Baru or Yassan alone as well :3) xD Please, do it!
06. It would be VERY USEFUL (which means, do it! ♥) if you can name your posts in the subject after the content of the same. (saying if it's a fic, mp3, video, scans...)
07. HAVE FUN!!11 And spread the Subassan rabu~~♥
&. Staff
We are:

Name: Keiko
User: nira_chan
Age: 23
Location: Spain


Name: Akari
User: chaseyourself
Age: 21
Location: Atsugi (厚木), Kanagawa (神奈川県), Japan (日本)


Name: Ely
User: elyndys
Age: 28
Location: UK
&. The boys
Shibutani Subaru
Name: Shibutani Subaru / 渋谷すばる
Nickname: Shibuyan (by Yasu), Baru, Babu-kun (by his niece omg so cute xD)
Date of Birth: 1981-09-22
Place of Birth: Ibaraki City, Osaka
Blood Type: O
Star Sign: Virgo

Yasuda Shota
Name: Yasuda Shota (安田章大)
Nickname: Yassan, Yasu, Chipa, Kacchin
Date of Birth: 1984-09-11
Place of Birth: Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture
Blood Type: A
Star Sign: Virgo
&. Affilates
&. Fanlisting?
Soon as well... xD
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