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Heee, long time no post~~~
You realize how I always post screencaps? And there wasn't too much happenings on TV recently.
BUT THE LATEST JANIBEN! it makes up for all the pause in tv-love!!! XD
cherryblossom I just don't get why Subaru's hand was wandering between Yasu's buttocks, when the girl was talking about how she loves when the top of the butt is sticking out. Subaru you perv! :DD And then came the attack!!! :DD:DD omg asafsakjf and the sound they put under it kiddingthumbsup Maybe Subaru was waiting for so long to do this to Yasu's butt! :DD
So screencaps. No cut, because this is too epic.

Subaru's like; "Yasu take THIS*pushes*, coz you're kinda ghei, never forget it!!!"

Subaru's expression XD yay tounge :DDkidding

and an embrassed Yasu~

You can watch it on youtube HERE, or here.

*sorry for those who are on my f-list and see almost the same entry on my LJ cat 
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