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16 February 2014 @ 01:44 am
Translation WITH Oct/2013 - Conbi Ai Vol. 16 Yasuba  

This magazine has been sitting in my bathroom for months and so today I randomly decided to translate it. I love Yasuba and I miss them so I wanted to bring some of that love back. Enjoy~

When Shibutani enters casually Yasuda smiles brightly. Once the interview begins with these two contrasting guys, it’s actually Shibutani who says things like, ‘Back then Yasu...’ ‘Truth is, I feel...’ and reveals his innermost feelings(?!) for Yasu one by one!

From now on I’m going to put my love for Subaru into words and communicate them more often~

Yasuda:  When it comes to Subaru, for me, he’s just a funny guy. He’s the typical Osaka ossan.

Shibutani: Really? I don’t try to be like that so I don’t really know what I do that’s funny.

Yasuda:  But when we first met I wanted to get close to you. That was around the time we did the play ‘Kyo to Kyo’, I think. Ever since then, Shibuyan, you’ve had an amazing aura or how should I say, a light that really stands out.  

Shibutani: People always tell me that.

Yasuda: But my impression of you changed soon after. During the run of the play we all stayed in dorms. Shibuyan would get so tired that he would sleep while soaking in the bath. ‘What a funny guy~’ I thought.

Shibutani:  I totally don’t remember that! My image of Yasu from way back has always been that he’s a social and cheerful guy. I remember you came over and stayed at my house with some other Juniors and we went to a game center nearby. But I guess it wasn’t until we debuted that we started hanging out just the two of us. We used to go shopping in Amemura all the time.

Yasuda: Yeah, because Shibuyan really loves vintage clothes. Also, he was too embarrassed to ask the shop assistant for another size so he’d tell me to ask, haha. Though it’s not like that anymore.

Shibutani: Yeah, because I’m not good at talking to people I don’t know.

Yasuda:  Thinking about it, when you start to sing your eyes look like you’re focusing on prey. The ability to draw that focus on one thing, how your voice comes out so powerfully and direct. When I make music there’s a part that’s really brought out by that voice. I think it’s because Shibuyan is the one singing that we could write a song like ‘desire’ together.

Shibutani:  I think what’s really amazing about Yasu is that you don’t write songs for yourself but for other people. That’s something I think you can’t do unless you have a sense for it and can tune into different channels.

Yasuda:  I always get impromptu presents when Shibuyan gets inspired to give me something. Like the time you burned the show about that artist on a DVD for me.

Shibutani:  Yeah. Did you watch it?! I thought, Yasu would definitely like this, so I gave it to you but you never told me your thoughts about it or anything so I wondered if I’d troubled you somehow. I thought, maybe I shouldn’t impose and push things onto people like that.

Yasuda: I watched it! You even wrote out the name of the show, I was happy. That’s right, I should tell you these things. And there are a lot of songs I listen to now because you recommended them.

Shibutani:  I didn’t know that either…..*tear*

Yasuda: Sorry, sorry, from now on I’ll be sure to tell you. I’ll send you a mail everyday, “My thoughts towards Subaru today.”

Shibutani: Yay!! Haha. But Yasu is inherently kind so there’s always expectations put on him and that part must be tough. There are expectations put on me too except that when there’s something I can’t do I’ll come right out and say ‘It’s too much!’

Yasuda: I think the way Shibuyan stands up and says NO to things that are unreasonable, that attitude, is amazing. Like when the seven of us have meetings, if only one person has a different opinion and sticks to it they’ll tend to be seen as selfish. Normally, you’d be scared of that and keep quiet but Shibuyan isn’t swayed.

Shibutani: In Yasu’s case, he goes out of his way trying to find a way to get whatever it is done so he won’t have to say ‘No, it’s too much.’ We’re different types, but I think we’re similar in how strong our feelings are.

Yasuda: I've been influenced by Shibuyan in quite a lot things. …………… Recently, we haven’t gone out to eat or shopping, have we? If we were to go out now just the two of us I wonder what we’d do.

Shibutani:  Eh, I don’t know……..*shy*  In the past we used to go to karaoke.

Yasuda: The two of us would sing ballads together.

Shibutani: To be honest, I was trying to win you. But it was hard~ haha.

Yasuda: Actually, you’d already won me.  I should really say those kinds of things too~ haha.

molkita: p.: YaSuba *care*molkita on February 16th, 2014 03:18 pm (UTC)
Awww thank you so much for this! I miss them too <3
Nori-chan: My eternalnorilys on February 25th, 2014 03:24 pm (UTC)
I loved reading this sooooo much!!!

Lately it's being harder to find any Yasuba interaction and this was just absolutely lovely!!!!! Thanks for sharing it!! <3
te_chan01: Guitarte_chan01 on March 17th, 2014 06:33 am (UTC)
I may be a month late to this,
but thank you so much for sharing! So little has been posted here recently, so seeing this made me happy.
It's such a nice article, too. Thank you for translating it!